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let's begin with just 1 hour!

Too often our pads, tablets, phones, computers, and refrigerator calendars remind us that we've made commitments for almost every hour of every day. Whether you're thinking about making a connection for the first time or reconnecting with a local church fellowship it's no surprise if you're asking yourself, "Where will my family ever find the time or the energy?"

Well consider yourself challenged to reserve some energy, and find, make, or carve out that hour on Sunday morning. Then, by all means, accept our invitation to Sunday morning worship. You'll find busy, committed, caring people of all ages ready to welcome you, answer your questions, and help you make a connection. See you Sunday!

Recent podcasts by Rev. Colleen Swingle-Titus and Rev. David Collyer are available on the side bar.

8:45     Contemporary Worship
10:15   Children, Youth, and Adult Life Fellowships
11:15   Traditional Worship

Crozet Baptist Church - (434) 823-5171
5804 St. George Ave    Crozet, VA